Shocking NewsA 32-year-old Virginia man has been accused of abducting a University of Virginia student, Hannah Graham, who went missing over two weeks ago. Authorities say that the accused man was the last person to be seen with the young woman.

Police say they had probable cause to issue the arrest warrant on charges of abduction with the intent to defile. The suspect, Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., was arrested in Texas and will appear in court next week; however, there is still no trace of Graham.

Police Searched the Man's Apartment

Police have searched the man's apartment and removed bags of clothing from his home, but they have not said how the clothing is related to the case. They have also seized the man's car and are examining its interior for evidence that the young woman was inside it.

The 32-year-old suspect was employed as a patient technician at the operating room of the University of Virginia hospital. His job involved transporting patients to the emergency room. He is a suspect in the case because witnesses saw him with the young woman at a local restaurant not long before she disappeared on Sept. 13.

Accused Man Will Have the Right to a Criminal Defense

In any missing person and/or suspected abduction case, police will scramble to piece together evidence and clues about what may have happened. However, just because the initial review of the evidence suggests that one person is guilty of the abduction crime does not mean that the accused person actually did it. Numerous examples can be cited of cases where an accused person successfully defends him or herself against kidnapping charges in court. There is also the possibility that police will discover more evidence that illuminates the accused person's innocence.

In this case, police are not only focusing their investigations on the 32-year-old man. Search crews are also investigating an area in southern Charlottesville to look for more clues.