Motorcycle Accident

It's not every day you get into a motorcycle accident, and it's certainly not every day you get into a motorcycle accident and get rescued by boxing legend, Mike Tyson. This is exactly what happened to one Las Vegas resident who was both unlucky and lucky at the same time -- unlucky because he suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle crash, and lucky because a quick-thinking boxing celebrity pulled over to make sure he was going to be okay. The 29-year-old motorcyclist's attorney said that his client was driving down Interstate 15 when he was suddenly cut off by a taxi at approximately 9:30 p.m. This caused him to crash his motorcycle. While he was sprawled out on the ground, though, the injured motorcyclist saw Mike Tyson standing over him. Tyson was instructing passersby not to touch the injured man.

The Motorcyclist Thought He Was Dreaming

The motorcyclist thought that he was imagining things as he lay there with torn ligaments and broken bones, but it was indeed the heavyweight boxing legend who stopped to help him out. Tyson quickly left the accident scene after paramedics arrived. According to Tyson's assistant, the injured motorcyclist sent him a thank you note and a fruit basket last Friday. In the note, he said how reassuring it was to have had the bizarre good fortune of the famous boxer protecting him after the crash.

Personal Injury Damages May Be Pursuable in This Case

The motorcyclist's injuries were not life threatening, but he will require costly surgery. It is also likely that he will require extensive rehabilitation and other therapies while recovering. Considering that he has obtained legal representation, the man and his counsel are probably evaluating legal strategies to seek financial restitution for his injuries in the motorcycle crash. If crash scene evidence, police reports and eyewitness accounts support such a claim for restitution, he may be able to recover money for pain and suffering, medical care, permanent or temporary disabilities and other damages. Whether Mike Tyson saw the actual accident take place and whether he will be called as a witness is unclear at this time.