Jet engine internalsA smokey JetBlue airplane landed safely on Thursday, but not before scaring its passengers and injuring four of them. Flight attendants repeatedly yelled for the passengers to "brace" as the airplane came down onto the runway. When the plane landed, passengers evacuated by way of the aircraft's inflatable slides.

JetBlue Says the Airplane's Engine Blew

The scary incident started with a loud “pop.” According to a JetBlue spokesperson, the airplane's right engine malfunctioned and blew. The pilots quickly deployed extinguishers, but the cabin of the aircraft became engulfed in thick smoke. The airplane had only left the Long Beach Airport runway 15 minutes prior to the engine blowing, and it was flying over the ocean at the time. The flight crew and their 147 passengers were headed to Austin, Texas. The flight was redirected to return to Long Beach Airport, where it conducted a smooth landing only 25 minutes after its takeoff. During the landing, passengers sucked oxygen from oxygen masks, which flight attendants had to deploy manually.

Actor Jackson Rathbone from the Twilight movies was on board the aircraft. He posted updates and pictures from the incident to his Twitter account. He claims that he said the Lord's Prayer while holding his wife and son in his arms during the incident.

Pilot Landed Smoke-Filled Airplane Safely and Gently

In spite of the chaos in the cabin, the pilot made a graceful landing, and everyone evacuated the aircraft by way of the emergency inflatable exit chutes. The pilot went to visit passengers after the incident, said hello to them, and received their hugging embraces. Four individuals were injured in this incident and one of them was taken to the hospital. These injured passengers might have the ability to pursue an airplane accident injury claim against JetBlue, the jet maintenance company responsible for the engine failure, or another party deemed responsible.

It is fortunate that no one appears to have been severely hurt and no lives were lost in this incident, but the victims who did suffer injury will have medical bills that need to be paid and a successfully navigated personal injury claim may be an excellent way for them to do that.