RopeOn Sept. 18, 1959, a vicious killer was put to death. Harvey Glatman was a TV repairman in Los Angeles who had two hobbies: photography and playing with ropes. In August 1957, he started to combine these two interests by raping, tying up, photographing, and murdering young women.

Glatman Was Obsessed with Ropes and Strangling

Glatman first became interested in ropes during his early years as a Boy Scout. Later, it turned into an obsession. His parents even took him to a doctor when they noticed that he had been strangling himself with ropes. The doctor said that it was merely a phase and he would eventually grow out of it.

As a young man, Glatman got in trouble with the law in Colorado and spent over two and a half years in jail in New York. He eventually made his way to Los Angeles where he took up shop as a TV repairman. There, he posed as a photographer and started luring aspiring female models to his apartment for photo shoots. In August 1957, he bound, gagged, raped and took photos of a 19-year-old woman. After that, he took her to the desert, strangled her with his favorite rope, and left her to die. When police found the woman's body, no clues were left linking Glatman to the murder.

Glatman pinned the pictures of his victims on his walls, and became the poster child example of a horror movie serial killer. He killed at least two more woman after the first one before he was caught.

Glatman Was Caught Red-Handed in October 1958

In October 1958, though, he was caught red-handed. Glatman picked up a woman who had answered one of his modeling ads and was driving her out of the city when she noticed they were going in the wrong direction. She struggled with him. Glatman pulled out a gun and even shot her in the hip. As they were wrestling with each other, both of them fell out of Glatman's car at the same time that a police officer was driving by. After being arrested and charged, Glatman confessed to all three murders during his trial, which lasted only three days. He was sentenced to death, and killed by gas chamber on Sept. 18, 1959.