Recall AlertThe Swedish retailer IKEA Group has announced the recall of approximately 2,300 swings, which were marketed for children. The swings were designed to be used both indoors and outdoors by children between the ages of 3 and 7. However, IKEA says that the devices have a potentially dangerous flaw that could result in a broken fitting, falls and injuries.

One Child Broke a Leg After Falling

The device is manufactured with green fabric. It hangs by way of a plastic suspension fitting that is ultimately attached to steel hooks. So far, four reports have surfaced relating to these fittings breaking. At least one such defective swing has been identified in Germany. Two more were identified in Austria and another was identified in Canada. At least one child has suffered a broken leg injury after falling from one of these contraptions when it broke.

2,000 Swings Recalled in United States

IKEA has taken proactive action by initiating this recall to prevent the threat of further injury. The defective swings, which were manufactured in Vietnam, retailed for the low cost of $20 each. Two thousand of the recalled swings were distributed in the United States and 300 of them were distributed in Canada. As such, many of these defective products may have already made their way into the hands of consumers.

Parents who own this potentially defective product should refrain from using it immediately. Parents who believe their child or children have suffered injury as a result of this or some other defective product may wish to investigate the possibility of pursuing a claim for financial restitution relating to the injuries. The cost of medical care is steep -- no matter how minor the injury -- and for some parents, a successfully navigated personal injury suit could be their only way to pay for these costs. Money for pain and suffering, compensation for permanent disability and other remedies may also be pursuable in such claims.