hackedSupermodel Joy Corrigan is outraged after nude photos were leaked from her phone onto the internet. She says that the photos were stolen after her Apple iPhone was hacked. She believes it was the same kind of public hack that caused nude photos of Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst to be distributed across the web.

The 20-year-old model says that her iPhone was hacked several months ago; however, Apple denies any responsibility and says that the model was merely the victim of a phishing scam. Now, the model wants to initiate a class action lawsuit against Apple. She says that Apple's iCloud security system is insufficient and that her account was hacked.

Corrigan Changed Her Password But the Photo Theft Continued

The model said that she complained to Apple, and the company's representatives advised her to change her password. She did that, but several days later, she says that her account was hacked another time, and more photos were stolen. She believes that Apple is to blame for the vulnerability of her photos and information, and her lawsuit -- if filed -- will likely seek financial restitution for the harm and embarrassment that she has been subjected to.

The security of Apple's servers has come under fire recently -- especially since Labor Day weekend, when over 100 celebrities had intimate and personal photos of themselves go public without their permission on a popular internet bulletin board called 4Chan.

The Supermodel Is Asking the Public Not to View Her Nude Images

In response to her photos being leaked, the actress made several statements by way of her Twitter account. She said, "Wow Apple... Way to go," and "Just when I thought it was all over. Society pls don't lower yourself to absolute scum by being any part of this. Viewing and spreading is [thumbs down]."

The privacy of information and the unsanctioned use of an individual's images is governed under intellectual property laws and other legal statutes. Those who have suffered an information attack and those whose photos are being used without their permission may have claims for restitution under the law.