HandcuffsActress Daniele Watts was detained after she refused to show police officers her identification on Sept. 11. The officers originally approached the woman and her boyfriend because they were allegedly engaging in sexually explicit activity in public. The African American actress maintains that the police did not have the right to ask for her identification. She says that she did not provide her ID because she believes in her country and what America stands for.

Actress Said Police Bothered Her Because She Is Black

Watts told reporters that police have bothered her before because she is black and her boyfriend is white. Meanwhile, the officer who detained her said that he had every right to demand her ID and that she was merely playing the "race card" by refusing it.

The actress, who also appeared on the popular television series “Weeds,” posted pictures of the incident to her Facebook account. The pictures show the woman in tears and in handcuffs. Audio recordings from the scene have also surfaced on the internet. The woman can be heard arguing with police officers and refusing to give her ID to them.

Watts Says She Was Fully Clothed

Witnesses informed police that the woman and her boyfriend were engaging in sexual intercourse inside their car, but the actress says that she was merely showing affection to her boyfriend while fully clothed. Eventually, officers identified the actress and released her without arrest.

The state of California does not have any law on the books requiring individuals to provide their identification to police officers when detained for alleged criminal activity, so the actress may have indeed had a point. However, refusing to comply with an officer's demands is always risky, and depending on the situation, such a refusal could result in arrest and criminal charges.