Dog Food RecallThe dog food company, Pedigree, has recalled certain bags of its dog food due to the threat of metal fragments being present in the food. The recall affects 15- and 22-pound bags of dog food that were shipped to Dollar General stores in four states, and Sam's Club stores in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Initially, the recall only included Dollar General stores because it was not believed that Sam's Club had released its bags to consumers. However, information came to light that Sam's Club did in fact release the potentially tainted products for sale, so the recall was expanded. Pedigree says it is confident that no other packages and no other retailers have been left unaccounted for.

Metal Fragments Not Imbedded in the Food Itself

The recall stems from the discovery of small metal fragments, which may have gotten mixed into the dog food packages during production. The fragments are not actually imbedded within the food, but they could be dangerous if a dog accidentally consumes them. For this reason, Pedigree is asking all customers in possession of affected products to throw the dog food out immediately. Alternatively, they can return the items to the place of purchase to receive a complete refund or exchange.

Pet Owners Can Sometimes Seek Civil Claims for Damages

Pedigree says that it has not received any reports of illness or injury relating to the consumption of affected products. However, should consumers suspect that their dog or dogs became ill as a result of eating Pedigree dog food, they are advised to consult with a veterinarian immediately. Dog owners whose pets have been injured or killed by defective products or tainted food may have valid claims for restitution under the law. While civil litigation claims relating to injured or deceased pets are different from personal injury and/or wrongful death claims, in certain circumstances pet owners can obtain a financial recovery if the facts of their case support such an action.