Recall AlertAmerican consumers buy and use so many potentially dangerous products that sometimes we forget about their dangers and take their safety for granted. In a recent recall, for example, Hewlett-Packard (HP) recalled approximately 6 million seemingly innocuous computer power cables. The recall was announced after the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a report warning that the power cables were causing fires.

Hewlett-Packard has received 29 complaints relating to power cables that have melted and charred. Reportedly, 13 instances of overheated power cords have caused property damage. Two claims have caused physical burn injuries.

HP Says It Will Replace the Dangerous Products for Free

Hewlett-Packard says that it sold the power cables along with its Compaq docking stations and HP laptops. Cables affected by the recall were sold from September 2010 through June 2012. The cables can be identified by the label LS-15 and customers can return them for a replacement cord free of charge. The cable itself is the issue, not the actual adaptors that convert the electricity. Reportedly, bad Chinese wiring is to blame.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recall includes affected cables sold throughout the world. Considering that approximately 6 million cables are included in the recall, these power cords could have ended up in computer shops and homes all over the world. As such, Hewlett-Packard has offered to exchange the cables for new ones no matter where the consumer happens to be located.

Faulty Wiring Could Give Rise to Civil Lawsuits

When it comes to electrical wiring defects, the potential dangers can be extreme. A house or building fire can result in death and serious injuries, and millions of dollars worth of property damage. So far, 29 complaints have been received regarding faulty HP cables, but it is likely that even more instances have occurred. Those who suspect they have suffered injury, property damage, or their family member has died due to these recalled cables may wish to investigate the pursuit of a personal injury and/or wrongful death claim for financial restitution regarding this defective product.