EscalatorAn escalator accident has cut off the finger of a 2-year-old Oregon boy. The incident occurred at 6 p.m. last Wednesday at the Washington Square Mall in Tigard, Oregon. Reports from witnesses indicate that the toddler fell down at the bottom of the escalator and his fingers got stuck inside the device.

Boy Lost All of One Finger and the Tip of Another

Witnesses say that the boy immediately started to scream and people who appeared to be his family members struggled to pull him free. They were unable to free the boy until after the escalator had come to a halt. His hand eventually came out of the stairway, but he was missing nearly an entire finger and the tip of another. Blood was spraying everywhere from the little boy's hand, witnesses report.

Emergency responders took the boy to the hospital immediately. The missing part of his finger was found by mall employees and firemen and taken to the hospital sometime later. At this time the toddler's current condition remains unknown. It is also unknown if doctors were able to re-attach the severed appendage.

People who were present said that the horrible accident happened as one might expect. Witnesses stated that the boy ran away from the people who were taking care of him and tried to run up the escalator the wrong way. He fell and when he put his hands down to catch himself, his fingers were sucked inside. While this was indeed an awful event, it is fortunate that the boy did not suffer a more severe injury such as losing his entire hand or arm.

Escalator Accident Victims May Have Legal Recourse

Any time a person is severely mangled or injured by an escalator, it is important to evaluate the condition of the escalator for signs of disrepair or other dangerous problems. The safe operation of escalators is regulated by numerous regulations and standards. If a business is found to be at fault for negligently maintaining its escalator, and for causing a slip-and-fall or another type of injury to occur, then the business may be liable in civil court for the injuries the person sustained.