Twitter ThreatsA teenage boy has been arrested in California after he allegedly threatened to attack his high school outside of Los Angeles. According to law enforcement officials, the boy posted the threats on his Twitter account. He was arrested last Sunday in Santa Clarita Valley.

According to the sheriff's department, dozens of complaints were made to the police station after the young man allegedly posted threats against minorities and women, and pictures of dead bodies and guns to his Twitter account. A lieutenant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said that posting criminal threats via social media is a felony offense.

Among the alleged threats posted on the young man's account was a statement that said a large-scale school shooting would occur at local high schools. Another post said that the teen and others were aiming their weapons at high school students and that they will shed blood.

Police Did Not Find Any Guns at Teenager's Home

When the sheriff's deputies arrived to arrest the young man, they were unable to find any weapons and police do not believe that he had an actual plan. Police further stated that they believe the pictures posted to the young man's account were stock images and he did not take them himself. At this time, it remains unclear what charges will be pressed against the teen, if any.

A representative of the school district said that the school has been informed of the threats and is currently cooperating with law enforcement officials. The school also posted on its Facebook account that with the arrest of the teen in question, it considers the issue to have been resolved.

Teen Will Be Entitled to a Criminal Defense

The behavior of teenagers can sometimes be irrational and unpredictable and just because a teen made a threat does not mean that he or she actually intended to carry it out. In this sense, the teen may have some legal defenses available to him, depending on his criminal background and depending on the nature of his pending charges. If he is charged with a crime, he may also be able reach a plea bargain agreement to achieve a more favorable result in the criminal proceedings that follow.