StowawayA 62-year-old homeless woman was recently arrested for sneaking on board an airplane at San Jose International Airport and flying for free. However, she was not arrested in San Jose. She made the entire flight to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) before authorities caught up to her. After being arrested at LAX, the woman said that she would never try to pull a stunt like that again. However, just a day after the initial arrest, police took her into custody again close to Terminal 7 at LAX. After her arrest, the woman was taken to the Los Angeles Police Pacific Division Jail.

The woman's first arrest occurred after she boarded a Southwest Airlines plane as a stowaway and was later discovered wandering around LAX. It remains a mystery how the woman was able to bypass airport security and board the plane. Allegedly, this is not the first time the woman has tried to pull such a stunt. Earlier in 2014, she tried to unlawfully board flights at San Francisco International Airport and has subsequently been banned from the facility.

Might Have "Charmed" Her Way Past Guards

The 62-year-old stowaway has since been interviewed by news reporters. In the video footage, she appears to be a bright, cheerful, intelligent and very charming woman. One airport police official who commented on the event stated that he believes the woman might have charmed her way past airport security guards in order to enter the airplane without issue. In one interview that followed her arrest, the woman told reporters that she only had $4.25 in her pocket and she was not sure about where she will go or what she will do next. She was also unsure about how she will be able to return to San Francisco.

Sentenced to 3 Days in Jail and 24 Months of Probation

Ultimately, the woman was charged with a misdemeanor offense regarding her unlawful entry into the airport and her boarding of an airplane without proper documentation. In her criminal defense proceedings, she pleaded no contest to the allegations and was later released, but not before being sentenced to spend three days in jail and serve 24 months of probation. It could be that this woman's no contest plea, in addition to her charming and likable personality, enabled her to secure a less severe sentence in this case.