Work Injury ClaimA New York worker, who fell and injured himself after slipping on a patch of ice, has obtained a favorable settlement in a personal injury lawsuit. The lawyer representing the worker said that the case has settled for $215,000.

Injuries Required Surgery to Correct

The workplace accident took place in early 2012 while the worker was fulfilling his job duties at the Wards Island Water Pollution Control Plant. According to the suit, the man -- who was 43 years of age at the time of the accident -- was an employee of J.P. Hogan Coring & Sawing Corp. The incident occurred as the man was walking between several parked trucks, when he slipped on some ice and tore a ligament in his knee. The man’s injuries included a torn meniscus that required surgery to correct and he was unable to complete his job duties for an extended period of time following the incident.

Later, the worker initiated a personal lawsuit against the general contractor in charge of the jobsite, Silverite Construction Company. In the suit his claims for compensation stemmed from Silverite’s alleged failure to maintain safe working conditions.

Worker Will Receive $328,000 in Total

The injured man has since obtained a favorable settlement of $215,000 to resolve his personal injury matter. However, he has also qualified for workers’ compensation benefits. In total, he is to receive approximately $328,000 for his injuries.

This man’s case is not unique. Numerous workers are harmed every day across the country, and financial help is available for many of these individuals. Indeed, when a serious workplace accident and injury occurs and it causes a worker to be either permanently or temporarily disabled, that worker may be able to seek financial assistance through a workers’ compensation claim. In some cases -- as in the situation above -- the worker may also have a viable claim for personal injury damages in civil court.