Weird LawsEven though some legal specialists might argue that they are not founded on modern legal principals or are no longer relevant, the state of Mississippi has a lot of laws in place that may surprise you. Many of these laws are no longer enforced but, perhaps, if a circumstance required it, they could be.

For example, the Mississippi Constitution says that "No person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office in the state." Interestingly, this law does not specify what or who would qualify as a supreme being -- God, Muhammad, Buddha, ancient aliens, maybe? Nevertheless, the law does seem to prohibit atheists from holding public office.

What About Mississippi's Marriage and Family Laws?

For one, men are not permitted to lie and promise marriage to an adult woman in Mississippi. Men who want to simply live with a woman instead of getting married could be fined as much as $500 or spend six months in jail on fornication or adultery charges. Finally, Mississippians are legally permitted to have one illegitimate child, but more than that one is illegal. Finally, those who swear in public could face a fine of $100, so watch that mouth Ole Miss fans!

Laws in Ridgeland and Oxford

In Ridgeland there is a detailed, seven paragraph, law describing how it is illegal to engage in sexual activity in public. The law describes what kind of activities are illegal to do and with a nauseating amount of detail. Perhaps the city of Ridgeland used to be a pretty wild place when this law was passed. Another law in Ridgeland makes it illegal for individuals to have security bars (or burglar bars) on the windows of their homes. People are, however, allowed to put burglar bars on the insides of their homes, but who would want that? Nevertheless, the burglar bar penalty of $1,000 is robbery in itself, so people may wish to comply.

Finally, one law in Oxford, Mississippi, could be a rain on the parade of away fans attending Ole Miss games. Not only do they face the hundred dollar cursing fine, but it's illegal to cheer in Oxford unless you have a reason. Fans of opposing teams watch out!