LawsuitA teenager in Indiana says he plans to file a personal injury lawsuit against the city of Fishers, Indiana, after he was attacked by a police dog. The 19-year-old recently filed notice of the tort claim, stating his intent to sue over multiple dog bite wounds that occurred during an investigation performed by the Fishers Police Department.

Dog Bite Victim Required Surgery

The police investigation and subsequent dog attack occurred last month, while police were investigating a fatal stabbing incident. Allegedly, police were trying to round up the victim and his friends in order to question them about the stabbing. According to the bitten man, he was attacked when an officer arrived on scene with a K-9. He claims that he was bitten and severely wounded in the areas of his groin and legs. The teen says that the dog wrapped itself tightly around him as the teen pleaded with officers to get it off him. The bite injuries were so severe that they required costly hospital care and surgery.

Police Say Dog Bite Victim Was Trying to Flee

Police claim that the young man was trying to flee them, so they called their K-9 officer to chase and attack him. However, once apprehended, officers did not charge him with any crimes. Rather, they charged a different, 18-year-old, man with murder relating to the fatal stabbing. Police claim that the tragic murder of the 18-year-old female victim occurred as a result of a fight about a girl.

Depending on the unique facts of a case and the location where the incident occurred, a notice of tort claim may need to be filed first before an actual personal injury lawsuit is filed against a city or municipality. In the instant action, the teenager says he will be seeking damages relating to the cost of his medical care stemming from his dog bite wounds. He will further be asking for financial restitution for emotional suffering. The fact that the injured man was not actually arrested or charged with any crimes relating to this incident will no doubt serve to bolster his claim for damages in this case; however, if police reports are true and he did try to flee the scene, this element could be viewed as a negative point in his case.