Bieber Vandalism Plea DealWhen a celebrity like Justin Bieber is accused of a crime, he or she will likely be able to afford the best criminal defense attorneys available. VIP celebs will usually try to use their financial resources to obtain a favorable outcome in their criminal proceedings. Nevertheless, facts are facts and it may not always be possible for these individuals to obtain a verdict of not guilty. As such, they may choose to reach a plea bargain deal with the prosecution in exchange for less severe punishments.

Bieber Must Pay $80,000 in Damages

Last Friday, for example, news reporters paid close attention to Justin Bieber as he left a Santa Monica, California courthouse. The 20-year-old singer reached a plea bargain deal with the prosecution over a misdemeanor charge of vandalism. Allegedly, the singer threw raw eggs on his next-door neighbor’s home, in an affluent neighborhood in Calabasas.

As part of the plea bargain deal, in which the singer pleaded no contest, Bieber was sentenced to two years of probation, during which he cannot break any laws. Bieber was also fined $80,000 for damages to his neighbor’s home, he must attend a total of 12 anger management classes, and he has to serve five community service days. The young celebrity is further required to maintain a distance of 100 yards from his ex-neighbor and his neighbor’s family.

Bieber Has Two More Criminal Cases Pending

Representatives speaking on behalf of the rock star say that Bieber is happy to get the legal matter behind him, and that he plans to continue focusing on his music and career. However, Bieber has two more ongoing criminal matters in Toronto and Florida that have yet to be resolved. The Florida case relates to DUI charges and resisting arrest and it is scheduled for trial later this month.

The decision to reach a plea deal will largely depend on the unique facts and circumstances relating to criminal allegations, and the risks and unpredictability associated with trial. In the DUI matter that Bieber is currently facing, there still may be time for his attorneys and the prosecution to come to a plea agreement. However, in Bieber’s case, his celebrity personal reputation and travel schedule are at stake; therefore, he and his legal team may have special requirements during plea negotiations and criminal defense proceedings to try and ensure that any potential punishments do not affect the singer’s career.