One of the largest aerospace firms in the world has been accused of widespread age discrimination by a professional workers' union. The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) initiated the lawsuit on a recent Thursday. Allegedly, Boeing Co. has purposefully conducted a purge of its older workers. SPEEA initiated the lawsuit by way of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Washington State Human Rights Commission.

Boeing's Discrimination Described as "Breathtaking"

A representative from SPEEA says that the massive scale of Boeing's older worker purge is breathtaking. He also said that the union has an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove that the aerospace firm specifically created a plan to discriminate against older Boeing workers and that it applied this plan throughout the organization.

One of the components of the alleged scheme involved outsourcing the jobs of older workers to Russia, India and other parts of the world. Another allegation says that Boeing created a secret strategy to manipulate the corporate statistics it uses for the purpose of deciding which employees are affected by layoffs first. This illegal manipulation dramatically increased the chances that an older worker would be laid off. The lawsuit says that this employee purge, which has the specific purpose of eliminating Boeing's aging worker population, is an example of purposefully orchestrated age discrimination.

Victims of Age Discrimination Can Fight Back!

Age discrimination is a very real concern for many older Americans, who may be at risk of losing their jobs to younger employees. Nevertheless, age discrimination is unlawful under state and federal laws and those who suspect they have been victimized by such discrimination can fight back. Age discrimination cases are not very different from cases of sex, religious and race discrimination. The victims of most types of on-the-job discrimination can file employment law cases to try and recoup financial damages caused by the abuse.