Lawsuit AwardA recent jury award in a New York personal injury case proves that our legal system can produce unpredictable results. Indeed, a Brooklyn jury decided that a man who suffered a broken ankle while being arrested on shoplifting charges should be compensated for his injuries. The alleged shoplifter has been awarded a total of $510,000 in restitution for his broken ankle and other damages associated with his arrest injury.

The shoplifting arrest happened back in 2011 at a supermarket in Queens. During the man's criminal proceedings, he chose to plead guilty to the charges. Later, he filed a lawsuit against the city relating to his ankle, which was broken during the arrest process. That lawsuit came to a conclusion with a jury award of just over half a million dollars.

Received Thousands of Dollars in Previous Injury Settlements, Too

Interestingly, this is not the only financial restitution for personal injury claims that the man has received from the city. For example, he sued the New York Police Department in 2005 on grounds of false arrest after the city dropped a drug charge that had been brought against him. That case settled for $15,000. Also, just last month, the man received an additional settlement for $20,000 relating to another false arrest matter for drug charges.

For those who are currently embroiled in a difficult legal conflict, this man's experiences may be a sign of inspiration. Numerous individuals are arrested falsely in the state of New York every single year. Many of them do not have the means to obtain qualified legal council that can effectively steer them through these legal challenges. In spite of that, many do succeed in navigating their cases toward successful conclusion with or without private representation.

Skilled Legal Council Can Help

In this man's case, the man not only achieved effective results in his criminal defense proceedings, but he has also succeeded in obtaining financial restitution regarding his injuries that stemmed from false arrests, injury-causing arrests and other accusations. It is important to note that no results can ever be predicted in legal proceedings with certain accuracy, and that litigants must wait until the decision of a jury and/or the conclusion of a settlement before knowing for sure the result of their case. However, with qualified legal counsel on one's side, the chances of success will certainly be improved.