Police OfficerCity council officials in Boston are currently reviewing an ordinance that would prohibit police officers in the city from arresting undocumented immigrants unless the individuals are suspected of committing serious crimes. The measure was introduced last Wednesday at a city council meeting. It is being referred to as the Trust Act and so far it has gained approval and public support from Boston Mayor Martin Walsh.

Similar Immigration Reforms Have Been Passed in Other Areas

Similar ordinances have already been passed and/or are pending review in various cities and states throughout the nation. The state of Massachusetts has also passed similar legislation to protect undocumented and otherwise law abiding immigrants from being arrested and deported unnecessarily. If the instant measure is passed in Boston, then police would be barred from holding people for federal immigration and customs enforcement violations. Police will, however, be permitted to arrest such individuals if they were convicted of a violent crime or if a criminal warrant is pending for their arrest. Undocumented residents who are included on a terrorist watch-list or are registered sex offenders will also be in danger of being arrested.

Immigration Laws Are Changing for Better or Worse

Immigration law reform has become an important issue for all Americans in recent years, no matter if they or their loved ones are immigrants or not. After the current crisis of thousands of unaccompanied foreign children making their way across United States boarders, the suffering of undocumented immigrants has taken to the national stage. Laws are changing, however, and -- for better or worse -- immigration enforcement policies are being reformed so that law abiding undocumented immigrants who are making positive contributions to society and the economy are under a lessened threat of deportation.

Regardless what new immigration laws are passed in the future, the fact remains that numerous immigrants are currently being deported and taken away from their loved ones. Those who are living under the fear of deportation like this may wish to seek help from an immigration attorney. Through a confidential and private meeting with an immigration law specialist, a detailed review of one’s circumstances will review the best options available to help any individual to gain legal residency status.