Pedestrian AccidentsRecently published research points to pedestrian safety problems in Massachusetts. Over the 10-year time frame of the study, about 18 percent of pedestrian car accident deaths in the United States were shown to have occurred in the state of Massachusetts alone. The figure is staggering, and it has served as a clarion call to state officials and local government authorities to step up pedestrian safety education campaigns and revamp roadways to make them more friendly to people who are not in vehicles.

One Massachusetts Town Is Making Improvements

According to authorities in the city of Northampton, Massachusetts, the downtown region is dangerous for walkers. Northampton law enforcement officials are currently trying to improve those conditions, which have resulted in nine pedestrian and/or bicycle accidents so far in 2014. None of these incidents were fatal, fortunately, but officers are studying information collected from the events in order to make important safety adjustments that will prevent future accidents. Cellphone use is one area of concern at which officers have begun to look.

Smartphones Blamed for Many Pedestrian Accidents

One police officer blames technology on a lot of pedestrian accidents. He said that many walkers have handheld smartphones that distract them from paying attention to the road. Talking, texting and other smartphone activities also distract motor vehicle drivers from paying appropriate attention and looking out for pedestrians. The officer further said that many pedestrians take for granted that they are going to be safe while going through a crosswalk, and if drivers are not themselves paying attention it creates a very dangerous situation.

Although state and local governments do their best to reduce pedestrian accident dangers, there is only so much that anyone can do. Unfortunately, the threat of being hit by a negligent, inattentive or unlawful driver will always be there. Those who find themselves injured in a pedestrian accident may wish to investigate the strength of pursing a personal injury claim for damages. If successfully litigated, a civil claim of this type can be a vital part of victims obtaining the money to pay for the medical care they need.