Tell-Take Signs of DivorceCountry singer Jewel and her husband Ty Murray announced their plans to divorce. Jewel made the impending breakup publicly known by way of a blog post on July 2. According to the singer, she and her husband have been friends and partners for 16 years and they hope to separate in a way that is just as loving as how they came together.

Jewel and her soon-to-be ex-husband dated for 10 years and married in 2008. They had one child in 2011. According to Jewel, she and her husband value personal growth, but their growth became stifled while they were together. She said that she and her husband both agree that they will be happier living separate lives. Jewel also thanked all her fans for supporting her through the years, even though she is not always perfect.

Jewel and Husband Made Joint Statement

Jewel further thanked her fans for the compassion and acceptance they have given her, and asked them to give her and her husband the ability to grieve and heal from the loss of their marriage. Jewel's husband -- the professional rodeo cowboy -- made a joint statement with Jewel stating that he and his wife's dedication to their son remains steadfast and emphasized he and Jewel's commitment to raising their son. He also said that he and Jewel plan to remain close friends who highly respect one another, something that is important for the well-being of their child.

Divorcing Couples Can Learn from Celebrities

Couples who are in the process of going through a divorce might be able to to learn something from the separations of celebrity couples, which frequently become centerpieces of the news. In some cases, the breakups are ugly and the difficulties of the breakup can be scrutinized to find out what one should avoid. In other cases, celebrities set a positive example of how a divorce can be peaceful and empowering, especially if both parties are working together in a way that keeps the respect of both individuals close to heart. Indeed, divorce does not always have to be adversarial.

Although it is usually a very difficult experience to separate from a spouse of many years, the potential for fighting can be reduced by keeping a mindset of reconciliation during the breakup. Divorce mediation and other out-of-court settlement strategies can be very helpful.