Shocking NewsA new automotive recall has been issued by Honda Motor Co. over issues relating to explosive air bags. The manufacturer announced the recall last Friday, which extends a previous regional recall into the state of California. Although the exact number of recalled vehicles remains unknown, Honda has recalled approximately 6 million vehicles globally during the past five years. Also, at least two deaths have occurred relating to defective air bags in Honda vehicles.

Defective Air Bag Spewed Hot Metal onto California Driver

The air bags installed in the cars affected by the instant recall were made by Takata Corp. Initially, Honda announced a regional-based recall of Honda cars with Takata air bags that were located in humid environments. The most recent recall, however, adds California to the automaker's regional recalls.

Honda decided to issue this recall in the wake of a complaint from a driver who allegedly suffered an injury in a California car accident. The complaint was filed with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), and it said that an air bag in a Honda car spewed hot plastic and metal "shrapnel" onto the driver of a Honda vehicle during a low speed collision. As a result, the driver allegedly suffered severe bruises, burns and abrasions.

The instant recall will focus specifically on California Honda Accords from years 2001 to 2007; Honda Civics from years 2001 to 2005; and Honda CR-V cars from years 2002 to 2006. A spokesperson from Takata, the manufacturer of the problematic air bags, was not available for immediate comment. Other recalls, affecting vehicles with Takata-manufactured airbags included cars in Florida, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

10.6 Million Air Bag-related Recalls in Last 5 Years

This recall is only the latest in a long string of auto recalls that have occurred during the last five years. A total of 10.6 million cars with air bags made by Takata (one of the biggest auto safety part makers) have been recalled worldwide.

Those who suspect that they have been injured by a defective air bag -- or if loves ones have been hurt or killed -- could have strong claims for recovery under the law. In such cases, accident scene evidence can be gathered and examined by experts and personal injury specialists to determine if an air bag failure or defect worsened an individual's injuries and/or caused them to be fatal.