NewsReaders of this blog who have been following the progress of actor Tracy Morgan after he was in a violent car crash will be happy to hear some good news. Morgan was recently released from the hospital and is currently staying at a rehab facility. The actor was severely hurt in a New Jersey car accident when the limo van he was riding in was hit by a semi truck. Still, according to the 45-year-old comedian's spokesperson, Morgan has a way to go before he completely recovers.

Morgan and Fiancee Express Gratitude for Support Received

Morgan spent two weeks in the hospital receiving treatment for his injuries until he was transferred to the rehabilitation facility on June 20. Doctors expect him to stay at the rehab facility for several weeks. Both Morgan and his fiancee expressed their gratitude to all who have supported them, in addition to mentioning the excellent care the actor received at the hospital.

Following the June 7 accident, which occurred along the New Jersey Turnpike, Morgan was taken to the hospital by helicopter with a broken leg and other injuries. The accident happened after a Walmart semi-truck collided with the limo van that was driving the actor and four of his friends. While Morgan was lucky to survive, one person was killed in the crash. Police faulted the truck driver for the incident and charged him with vehicular homicide.

Speculation Over Semi-Truck Driver's Actions Leading Up to Crash

Following this violent crash, many speculated about the actions of the Walmart semi-truck driver who is allegedly to blame for the accident. Police say that the man failed to pay attention to the roadway ahead of him. Some have accused the driver of being sleepy.

Individuals who are injured in highway accidents caused by inattentive and/or sleepy drivers can pursue civil claims for justice and financial restitution in court. Also, as in this case, when an allegedly inattentive driver is charged with vehicular homicide or some other type of crime relating to an accident, the results of the criminal proceedings that follow can often be used to support the personal injury and/or wrongful death claims of accident victims (and family members of deceased victims) injured in the crash.