Steel WorkersA workplace explosion resulted in injuries to several Republic Steel workers at a melt shop in Ohio. The accidental explosion, which occurred at approximately 8:35 a.m. on a recent Monday, happened after some metal fell into a furnace. Employees had been trying to resolve a water leak at the time.

A total of three Republic Steel workers were injured in the blast. Two suffered burn injuries when struck by pieces of flying metal. Another suffered a contusion, also due to a piece of flying metal. All of the workers had to be flown to the hospital by LifeCare helicopter for treatment. Fortunately, none of the workers' injuries were life-threatening.

Melt Shop Operations Closed for Investigations

Republic Steel issued a statement that the explosion occurred while workers were trying to restart a melt shop furnace, which had been shut down during the preceding weekend. At this time, the company says that all production at the melt shop has been halted so that investigators can evaluate the damage and determine how and why the accident may have occurred. In its statement, Republic Steel reiterated its commitment to the safety of its employees and everyone else in and around its facilities. They said that they plan to put safety measures in place as quickly as possible in order to prevent the threat of future explosions and injuries.

In spite of Republic Steel's commitment to workplace safety, it is important to remember that when work conditions are dangerous, accidents, injuries and even deaths are a real risk. This is why the state of Ohio and other states across the nation provide state-subsidized workers' compensation to most laborers.

Workers' Compensation May Be Available

Even workers in an office can suffer injuries while carrying out their job duties. However, what is also important to note is that -- for the purposes of a workers' compensation claim -- the fact that the injury occurred while the individual was carrying out his or her job responsibilities is the most important point. If the injury happened at work, whether it due to a melt shop explosion or an infected paper cut, the injured worker may be entitled to benefits to pay for necessary medical care, time spent unable to work and other costs associated with his or her injuries.