Workers Compensation FormFour construction employees were injured on a recent Monday in a workplace accident that occurred in Foster City, California. A spokesperson from Cal/OSHA (California Division of Occupational Safety and Health) stated that the accident involved the partial collapse of a building where the workers had been carrying out their job duties. Emergency crews, including a team of firefighters, arrived at the accident scene at about 10:30 a.m., where they assisted in tending to the injured workers.

Witness Believes that Winds May Have Caused Collapse

The Cal/OSHA spokesperson said that the workers suffered various levels of injury. Two of the four injured employees had injuries that doctors described as moderate. The other two employees escaped with only minor injuries. Each were taken to the hospital to receive further evaluation and medical care.

One eyewitness, who happened to be present at the time of the accident, said that he believed the partial building collapse may have been caused by high winds in the area. Still, the construction company in charge of the injured employees did not offer any theories or comments on how the accident may have occurred. An investigation is currently being completed by Cal/OSHA in order to determine exactly what may have happened to cause the building structure to fold.

Workers' Compensation Help Is Available for Injured Workers

A serious work injury is never easy -- especially when the employee has a family to support and is permanently or temporarily unable to complete his or her job duties. Outside of losing one's income, a work injury can also cause an individual to incur large medical bills while trying to get the care that he or she requires to recover. This is why workers' compensation programs throughout the nation offer injured workers and their families special employee benefits. Indeed, by successfully navigating a claim for workers' compensation, families can obtain much-needed financial assistance for emergency and rehabilitative medical costs incurred. In certain cases involving permanent or temporary disability, workers and their families can also apply for special benefits to help them pay for their living expenses during times when they are unable to work due to injuries.