Pile of moneyA little girl who is recovering from serious injuries to her face after being tragically attacked by several pit bulls, was recently ejected from a Kentucky Fried Chicken along with her grandmother. Employees of the KFC told the 3-year-old and her grandmother that the girl's scars were frightening their customers. The girl had just finished going to a doctor's appointment with her grandmother, and they decided to stop at KFC for a meal.

KFC Apologized for Incident

News of the rude treatment of the girl quickly spread across social media across the country. Now, KFC has issued an apology for the event. It has also donated $30,000 to the 3-year-old to assist her and her family in paying for their medical bills. A completely separate KFC franchisee, who did not have any connection to the restaurant where the incident occurred, has also said he wants to throw the little girl a picnic in apology. The entrepreneur said that something nice needs to be done for the child after all she has been through.

The girl was viciously attacked by three pit bulls not long ago. The pit bulls dragged her out into her grandfather's yard and attacked her face repeatedly. She can no longer see with her right eye and one side of her face is completely paralyzed. Although the girl was clearly treated badly at the KFC restaurant, the good fortune of KFC giving her family $30,000 to help with medical expenses cannot be denied. Still, the fact such an unfortunate event had to happen to such a little girl who has already been through so much is very sad.

Dog Bite Victims Can Seek Restitution

Sometimes, dog attacks can be so serious that they cause disability, severe disfigurement and even death to the individuals who are harmed. In these cases, restitution may be pursuable for animal attack victims who want to try to hold the dog owners responsible for the injuries their negligence has caused. Indeed, states have specific laws governing the manner in which pet owners must safely secure their animals to ensure that individuals are not hurt. When a pet owner is negligent in carrying out his or her obligations in this regard and injuries result, he or she can usually be held liable for the damages caused.