Police handcuff 6 year old girlAn unborn baby was recently killed in a involving a pregnant woman. Police believe that the driver who struck the pregnant woman's vehicle was driving while intoxicated and speeding at the time of the crash. Indeed, police say that the man was traveling at a speed of 113 miles per hour when he slammed into the soon-to-be mother's vehicle. The allegedly drunk driver was arrested after the accident on charges of DUI and murdering an unborn child.

Murder of an Unborn Baby Is a Rarely Used Charge

The charge of murdering an unborn child is an actionable offense in numerous states. Nevertheless, according to prosecutors in the instant matter, the charge is rarely employed in the state of Pennsylvania. Prosecutors in Chester County, Pennsylvania, where this case is being tried, say that this is just the second time that the charge has been used in the last 15 years. Nevertheless, prosecutors in various Pennsylvania counties indicated that they would use the charge without reservation if and where applicable.

The circumstances surrounding this accident were particularly severe. When officers arrived on scene, they discovered the soon-to-be mother screaming for her baby. They said she was calling, "My Baby. My Baby." Initially, officers thought that the woman's baby had been ejected from her car and searched along the road to find the baby. However, they later realized that the woman was 27 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, even though the mother survived the accident -- which involved her suffering a concussion and being ejected from her vehicle through the sunroof as it flipped and rolled -- her baby did not survive the incident.

Wrongful Death Claims May Arise Out of This Incident

The man who allegedly caused this crash by speeding and drunk driving must now faces the serious charges of murder and DUI in criminal court. Also, it is unlikely that his time in court will stop there. The young woman who lost her unborn baby may also wish to pursue wrongful death and personal injury claims against the man. By successfully pursuing a civil claim of this type, those who lose a loved one and/or suffer personal injuries and property damage in a car accident caused by an unlawful driver may be able to receive restitution for their injuries and other damages incurred.