MoneyCelebrities and their child support payments have been in the news of late. Last week, it came to light that Halle Berry has agreed to pay $16,000 monthly to the father of her child. Now, singer-songwriter, Marc Anthony has been ordered to increase the child support he pays for his two children, Christian and Ryan.

Anthony Must Now Pay $26,800 in Child Support

On June 12, a judge ordered that Anthony double his monthly child support obligation. What used to be $13,400 per month is now $26,800 per month. The mother of the children, Dayana Torres, who is also an ex-Miss Universe, initially requested an increase in child support to $123,426 per month. During the hearing, the woman accused Marc Anthony of only spending 35 days with his children in 2013. Nevertheless, Anthony said her figures were not correct. Also, papers submitted to the court by Anthony and his legal team indicated that the singer spent 71 days with his children in 2012.

The ex-Miss Universe asked for Anthony's monthly child support to be increased from $13,400 to $123,426 on the basis of lifestyle changes and the needs of her children. The woman said she required both a nanny and a housekeeper, which accounted for at least $7,000 of the increase she wanted. While the judge did not agree to the ten-fold monthly increase she originally requested, the judge did order for Anthony's child support to be doubled. Also, aside from the child support allotment, Anthony's original divorce agreement with the woman included two cars, money for vacations and the home they formerly shared together in Florida. Interestingly, during this most recent family court hearing, the judge also ordered that Anthony must double his ex-wife's vacation budget so that she will receive $12,000 annually for vacations as opposed to $6,000.

Adjustments to Child Support Arrangements Are Not Uncommon

It is not uncommon for ex-wives and/or ex-husbands to request a change in monthly child support payments. In some cases, if an ex-husband or ex-wife loses a job or suffers some other kind of financial catastrophe, he or she may be able to file court papers to request a reduction in child support obligations. Similarly, as it appears to have happened in Marc Anthony's case, if the ex-spouse who is paying child support receives a financial windfall or a better paying job, the receiving spouse may be able to ask for an increase in the amount of child support being paid.