Weird Laws

Most everyone has heard of a weird law that simply doesn't make much sense. However, just because a law may seem weird,

especially if you are in a foreign country, doesn't mean it might not get you in trouble. Below are some weird laws from various countries, many of which might be on your itinerary at some point.

No Chewing Gum or Flushing the Toilet After 10 p.m.

In 1992, Singapore authorities passed a law banning chewing gum as a means of keeping the city streets clean. This is also the country that banned spitting.

For a very weird law, look no further than Switzerland. After 10 p.m., it is illegal for people to flush the commode in an apartment building. While we're not certain how this next law would be proven in court, it is also unlawful for a man to relieve himself after 10 p.m. if he is standing up.

No Smoking Tobacco in Public and No Removing Your Feet from the Pedals on a Bicycle

For smokers and tokers, Amsterdam might not be the place to go. While lighting up a join

t in a coffee shop is legal -- as is buying marijuana as long as the coffee shop displays the coveted green sign -- smokers of tobacco are out of luck. It is not legal in a public location.

You aren't allowed to remove your feet from the pedals on a bicycle in Mexico because you might end up crashing. If a bicycle accident does happen, make sure you don't mutter or yell profanities. It is illegal to do that in public.

No Manly Adjustments, No Kissing on Trains and No Upside Down Queen

In Rome, men are not allowed to "adjust" themselves. It is against the law for men to touch their "privates" in public while wearing clothes. That law was passed in 2008, even though it was once thought that doing so would help keep bad luck away.

In the romantic city of Paris, France, the train is one of the most convenient ways to get around. However, you don't want to get caught kissing on this form of transportation anywhere in the country. As a side note, it is illegal to kiss anywhere in public in Dubai, UAE.

Finally, if you decide to visit England and want to send a quick note through the post, make sure you don't put a stamp with the Queen's picture on it upside down. That is considered to be an act of treason.