Cottage CheeseA voluntary recall has been issued by Kraft Foods Group on several of its cottage cheese products. The recall was issued on May 17, 2014, and involves dozens of cottage cheese products. The problem Kraft listed is that the products were not stored in temperatures according to Kraft's standards. This means that it is possible that food borne illnesses and/or spoilage could occur.

About 1.2 million cases of cottage cheese products are affected by the recall. The products were shipping all over the U.S., but Kraft reports that none of the affected products was shipped outside of the country.

Four Brands of Kraft Cottage Cheese Products Recalled

The affected products include those under the brand names of Simply Kraft, Breakstone's, Daily Chef and Knudsen. Some of the cottage cheese products include those with fruit, such as Breakstone's Cottage Doubles Strawberry and Knudsen Cottage Doubles Pineapple. There are many varieties of these types of cottage cheese involved in the recall. In addition, there are several regular types of cottage cheese recalled, including Knudsen 2% Low Fat Cottage Cheese and Simply Kraft 4% Cottage Cheese Small Curd. The affected products have code dates between May 9, 2013, and July 23, 2014.

Kraft stated in their press release that it was unlikely that the products would spoil or that the food borne illnesses would be present; however, the recall was issued as a precautionary measure.

Products Liability

When food items are recalled because of a chance of food borne illness or spoilage, consumers who have already purchased the items are at risk. While Kraft has stated that there have not been any cases of illness reported, that doesn't mean someone who hasn't heard about the recall won't end up sick. Kraft has asked consumers to return the affected products for a full refund.

Those who feel they have suffered injury or illness due to a defective product have a right to seek compensation for their expenses, damages and losses. A lawsuit may be filed in civil court, but it is important to realize that such cases are quite complex and the advice of a products liability attorney can prove quite beneficial.