targetA nationwide recall has been issued by the Remington Arms Co. that affects two models of rifles, the Model Seven and the Model 700. According to the company's website, "Remington has determined that some Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with XMP triggers could, under certain circumstances, unintentionally discharge."

The recall is due to "excess bonding agent," which can cause the unintentional discharge. In the Model Seven line, "three compact, short-action hunting rifles" are affected by the recall. These rifles are priced between $450 and $2,200. Customers may return their rifles to Remington in order for the excess bonding agent to be removed and the X-Mark Pro trigger cleaned.

Remington was sued by Richard Barber, who asserted that his 9-year-old son was killed as a result of a defective product. That lawsuit led to the recall in 2002 of 2.5 million Remington rifles made before 1982. Barber says that Remington "shouldn't be persecuted, they should be commended" for the recall "because it signifies that maybe Remington is coming around."

Model Seven and Model 700 Remington Rifles Recalled

The trigger that could potentially fire is the X-Mark Pro, which was introduced to replace the Walker trigger assembly. In 2011, an investigation by CNBC revealed that there had been more than 75 lawsuits filed against Remington. Those lawsuits alleged that the rifle could fire without the trigger being touched. Barber's lawsuit was over the Walker trigger. He also has pressed the U.S. Department of Justice to take action against the company for criminal fraud. Barber alleges that the public was misled by Remington.

Remington has stated on its website that people who own one of the recalled rifles to "STOP USING YOUR RIFLE. . .Rifles will be inspected, specialty cleaned, tested, and returned as soon as possible, at no cost to you. DO NOT attempt to diagnose or repair recalled rifles."

One thing that is quite concerning is that even with CNBC reporting on the accusations and lawsuits that the Remington 700 has been responsible for hundreds of injuries and more than 24 deaths, there isn't more attention being given to the affected rifles and recalls.

Defective Products

When someone is injured or killed because of a defective product, the victim or his or her family may have the right to seek compensation for a variety of civil claims from the product manufacturer or other responsible parties or entities. Claims might include those for medical expenses, final expenses, wrongful death, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.