Readers of this blog are certainly aware of the millions of automobiles that have been subjected to recalls in the last two years. Toyota, GM, Chrysler and other automakers have instituted massive-scale recalls for safety issues. Indeed, some of those issues have the potential for causing fatal accidents, some already have caused fatal accidents, and it will be important for consumers who own affected vehicles to get the free recall repairs taken care of as soon as possible.

Millions of Recalled Cars Will Never Get Fixed

Unfortunately, many irresponsible vehicle owners will never get their cars fixed and their vehicles will remain on the roadways endangering other, more responsible, drivers. Also, there is the distressing fact that used car dealerships and car rental companies are not legally required to repair their recalled vehicles -- nor are they legally required to disclose that an unfixed defect is present in a vehicle they are selling or renting to a customer. However, some members of congress are looking to change this loophole by enacting new legislation that would require rental companies and dealerships to fix the recalled vehicles on their lots.

Initially, if the legislation is passed, it will primarily apply to rental car companies. This, however, can be seen as a very positive step in the right direction considering that most automobile renters automatically assume that there are no defects or other potentially fatal problems with the cars they rent (just as they would assume with any new car they buy). Given the fact that American drivers share their roadways with around 2 million rented cars, legislation requiring that those cars be fixed if recalled will certainly help to make our roadways safer.

Victims of Auto Defects Have a Legal Right to Justice

In the meantime, drivers who are injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by a defective automobile or a defective automotive part may have strong claims for financial restitution under the law. Even without this new legislation in place, automakers can be held liable for the death, injury and property damage that results from an auto defect-caused car crash.