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April showers bring mayflowers and mayflowers bring Law Day! May 1 has officially been known as Law Day in the United States ever since President Eisenhower proclaimed it as such in 1958. When it was created, Law Day was intended to honor the important role that laws play in our society. Indeed, the very creation and existence of our country is based on powerful laws that we rely on every single day. After Eisenhower proclaimed Law Day, the great lawmakers of Congress officially codified the date through a joint resolution that established May 1 as Law Day into perpetuity.

Of course, this being, we are a little bit concerned that the holiday is under appreciated by our fellow Americans. Perhaps it's because there's no tradition of giving candy or presents to children on this day, but it's likely that most readers of this blog have never even heard of Law Day. However, that's about to change right here and right now for everyone who reads this, and we hope readers will call their lawyers, or their local lawmakers and invite them out for a coffee to celebrate.

Is May Day a Communist Holiday?

Although Eisenhower played an important role in making Law Day real, it was actually the American Bar Association that first had the idea in 1957. However, the American Bar Association may have had an ulterior political motive in creating this day, which some readers "may" or "may not" agree with. Indeed, some say that Law Day was created by the American Bar to suppress popular May Day celebrations on May 1, which was also known as International Workers' Day. For many, May Day had the undertones of communism because it was celebrated by the working classes in various communist governments throughout the world.

Law Day Is About Our American Patriotic Ideals

Law Day celebrates the laws codified in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Law Day reminds everyday Americans that our nation's fundamental documents should be revered for protecting our rights to free press, free speech and fair trial. Indeed, according to Law Day's founders, these legal constructs have allowed our country to circumvent numerous class warfare problems.

Even if you've never heard of it, the fundamental aspects of what Law Day celebrates have indeed structured our American society into its current form and many of us have benefited immensely from the civil rights and legal protections it affords us.

Other Fascinating Events that Changed History: #ThrowbackThursday #May1

May 1, 1931- On this date, the Empire State Building in New York officially opened up.  The 103-story skyscraper stands 1,454 feet (443 m) tall.

May 1, 1941- The movie "Citizen Kane" was released in New York on this date.  The film was directed by Orson Welles.

May 1, 1931- On this date, American Gangster Al Capone was wanted for questioning by detectives in Chicago over the murder of Michael "The Pike" Heitler. Heitler was found dead on April 30, 1931 following a fire in his home.

May 1, 1962- On this date, the first Kmart department store opened in Garden City, Michigan.  The first Kmart store sold clothes, shoes, houseware, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, and electronics.  Kmart was doing well in the beginning and was constantly growing up until the late 80's.  Some sources have associated declining success to a lack of investment in technology, as well as increased competition from the growing Walmart and Target stores.

May 1, 1967- On this date, Elvis Presley married Priscilla Ann Beaulieu in Las Vegas.

What are your thoughts about these “Throwback” events?

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