DivorceEliot Spitzer has finalized his divorce from Silda Spitzer and some of the terms may seem rather unique and extravagant to the average person going through a divorce. However, in many high asset divorce proceedings, there is the need to write unique stipulations into the agreement. Even with divorce proceedings involving middle class Americans, a specialized clause or stipulation can be a bridge for reaching accord to facilitate the peaceful resolution of a divorce disagreement.

Silda to Receive $7.5 Million, a Home on Fifth Ave and More

The asset division terms of this high net worth divorce include $7.5 million going to Silda. She will also receive financing for her living costs, health care and house keeping services at her home. Alimony payments to her will be $240,000 annually and they will only stop if she remarries or passes away. Silda will also receive the Spitzer residence on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Mrs. Spitzer will also be paid an amount as high as $100,000 annually, which is designated for her to give away to charity. This is perhaps the most unusual decree in the Spitzer divorce settlement.

Eliot Spitzer resigned from his position as New York’s governor after allegations that he frequently employed the services of prostitutes. His wife, Silda, stuck by her husband following the scandal as the two attempted to repair their marriage. Unfortunately, as is often unavoidable in challenged marriages, the couple decided to divorce this year.

Highly Individualized Divorce Agreements Can Make the Process Easier

When a troubled marriage is beyond help, many couples turn to divorce as the only possible solution. Each person and each marriage is different, however, and so is each divorce case. Therefore, every dissolution of a marriage must be handled individually with an in-depth understanding of the needs and goals of both individuals. Fortunately, couples can create individualized asset division arrangements. They can create unique plans for sharing parenting responsibilities and for child support and alimony payment plans as well.

As can be seen in the Spitzer divorce, the couple arrived at some unique solutions, including the stipulation of an additional $100,0000 for charity, which may have made the process easier to bring to a conclusion. Indeed, in some cases a simple stipulation added to a divorce agreement could be the difference between a peaceful and an adversarial divorce process.