Oil SpillIt was approximately four years ago that the British Petroleum oil spill wreaked havoc along the coasts surrounding the Gulf of Mexico. It resulted in one of the most horrible environmental disasters our nation has ever seen. During the massive cleanup operation, countless Americans were exposed to toxic chemicals that resulted from the spill and their valiant cleanup efforts, and now they may be suffering the consequences.

One cleanup worker recalls that he and his co-worker were exposed to crude oil and dispersants every single day. He said that they were bathed in it as a result of performing their job duties, and they had no idea how it would later affect them. Now, he and his friend suffer from skin lesions, burning and rashes.

Studies Are Revealing the Long-Term Health Complications

One of the men has joined a scientific study, called the Gulf Study, which is investigating the health impacts of the oil spill on the men and women who bravely helped to clean it up. According to a doctor who is leading the research, these symptoms are common among the investigation participants. They plan on studying the participants over the next decade to analyze symptoms like coughing, wheezing and other symptoms. A wide variety of medical problems have been shown to be common among cleanup crew workers and other people who live in gulf coast communities.

The lead doctor claims that it may be some time before the complete long-term side affects of the Gulf Oil spill are revealed. One of the cleanup workers who is a study participant said that he is hopeful doctors can determine how to cure his symptoms sooner rather than later.

Some BP Oil Victims May Have Claims for Damages

Already, the Gulf Study has shown that oil spill clean up workers have 30 percent higher instances of anxiety and depression. The same is true for individuals who worked or lived near the coast. At this time, doctors are compiling and organizing their preliminary data to be sure they have interpreted it properly before releasing it to the public.

Individuals who lived or worked in and around the Gulf Spill who suspect they may have been the unwilling victims of chemical contaminants can investigate the possibility of pursing a claim for damages. Each case is different, but with medical evidence supporting the fact that numerous individuals are continuing to suffer the injurious consequences of the oil spill, financial restitution may be pursuable. Also, workers who are suffering the ill effects of participating in cleanup operations may, in some cases, be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.