How many of you have visited Oregon or actually live there?  Did you know that Oregon legislators have enacted several laws that will make you question their origin?  Every Friday at we dedicate one blog to the strangest laws from around the world. This week, our focus will be on Oregon and the weird laws that residents of Oregon are forced to abide by.

Keep reading so you don’t make the mistake of breaking these laws.

Here are this weeks weird laws. Enjoy!

It Is Illegal To Have Your Wedding On An Ice Skating RinkIce Skating Marriages Illegal

Being in the process of planning my own wedding, I have come across several potential venues and locations to conduct my wedding.  However, the ice skating rink never came up.  Either I am not very creative or wedding on ice skating rinks are illegal in California as well.  What do you think about this law?  Have you ever been to a wedding on a rink?

It Is Illegal To Predict The Future

I predict that this law is bogus.  What this law actually makes illegal is the practice of fortune
telling, astrology and the likes because these sorts of practices are generally thought to be unsound and unscientific.

It Is Illegal To Box With A Kangaroo

I agree with this law.  I’m going to go ahead and assume that kangaroo boxing would be in violation of animal cruelty laws.  Have you ever witnessed kangaroo boxing?

It Is Illegal To Walk Down A Street With Your Shoelaces Untied

Although I agree that shoelaces should be tied while you are walking, I do not agree that this should actually be considered a law.  If someone wants to leave their shoelaces untied, they should bear the consequences of their actions… by tripping.  My guess is that they wont make the same mistake again.

What do you think about these weird laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find strange?