Lawsuit AwardA jury in Texas has awarded $1.2 million to the plaintiff in a transvaginal mesh lawsuit. The plaintiff had brought forward her case against Johnson & Johnson regarding the injuries she suffered from dangerous defects in the company's mesh slings, which are used to help patients with incontinence.

Doctors implanted the transvaginal device into the woman's body in order to help her stress urinary incontinence, also referred to as SUI. However, the device eroded and resulted in the woman suffering pain and injury.

What Is Transvaginal Mesh?

The implanted materials used for transvaginal mesh implants are composed of polyethylene plastic. The material is similar to that used to repair hernias. The manufacturers of the hernia repair materials determined that they could also be used to help with SUI problems. Unfortunately, though, the safety of this material was not properly investigated before surgeons began implanting it into humans, and numerous patients have complained of dangerous complications.

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson and other transvaginal mesh makers. Currently, Johnson & Johnson has 12,000 lawsuits still pending against it. Other mesh manufacturers have 43,000 lawsuits pending against them. Problems faced by victims injured by this device include loss of sexual ability, perforation of organs and scarring. Experts predict that even more women will be bringing forward cases regarding vaginal mesh in court. The FDA has also asked manufacturers to investigate the safety of mesh products further.

Vaginal Mesh Victims Can Seek Justice

Women who suffered from medical complications and injuries caused by vaginal mesh have been forced to pay for the medical care they needed to recover from their injuries. In addition to the intense pain and suffering that they have gone through, the cost of the required medical care that has resulted from vaginal mesh injuries represents a significant financial burden - a burden that numerous victims will find difficult or impossible to pay. Fortunately, many women who have been harmed by vaginal mesh implants can seek restitution to pay for their medical care by filing a personal injury claim. Some may also qualify for compensation for pain and suffering and other damages resulting from this dangerous medical product.