Weird LawsIt's time for more weird laws from around the country! As many of you may already know, every Friday at we reserve one blog to discuss the origin of some of the strangest laws from around the world. This week, our focus will be on Idaho and the weird laws that residents of Idaho are forced to abide by.

It Is Illegal To Fish On A Camel’s Back

This must be a very old law.  Another law in Idaho also forbids fishing from a giraffe’s back.  What happened to fishing while standing, or fishing while sitting on the chair you brought from home or fishing from inside a boat? Did someone really try to fish while on a camel or giraffe?

It Is Illegal To Sweep The Dirt From Inside Your Home Onto The Street

According to the SWEEPING DEBRIS INTO STREETS ordinance, it is illegal for a person to “sweep any dirt, trash or rubbish from the interior of any building in the city onto any street, alley or sidewalk in the city.”  How many of you are guilty of sweeping dirt on your street?  I know I am! Where is it supposed to go? I mean, I get the whole trash and rubbish part, but dirt?

It Is Illegal To Ride Your Bike On A Tennis Court In Idaho

Well, this law doesn’t seem all that weird to me.  The law prohibits the use of wheeled apparatus on municipal property and in certain areas of the city.  The law specifically states that bicycles are “prohibited on the gazebo in heritage park, on all public park benches, and the public tennis courts located at Ranch Drive and Stierman Road.”

Although some of these laws seem too bizarre to be true, there must be a reasonable explanation for their enactment.  Even if there isn’t a logical explanation for these laws, at least they’re highly entertaining!

What do you think about these weird laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find strange?