Throwback ThursdayYay for Thursday! It’s that time of the week again! It is the day we get to sit back and learn about some of the interesting events that took place on this date but several years in the past.  In this week’s edition of #ThrowbackThursday, we will read about the day Daffy Duck’s character was revealed, the day the first woman flew solo around the world as well as the day Robert F. Kennedy’s murderer was convicted.  Below are some of the fascinating events that took place on April 17 throughout history.

If you want to read more about today’s “throwback thursday” events, keep on reading.  I hope you find these events as intriguing as I do.  Enjoy!

Fascinating Events that Changed History: #ThrowbackThursday #April17

April 17, 1790- Benjamin Franklin passed away on this day in history.

April 17, 1937- The first signs of Daffy Duck emerged on this date.  Audiences got to see Daffy during his unveiling in Porky's Duck Hunt.  Have any of you seen Porky's Duck Hunt?

April 17, 1964- On this date, Geraldine Mock flew solo around the world.  She became the first woman to complete this mission.

April 17, 1969- Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of the 1968 murder of Robert F. Kennedy.  Although he was initially given the death penalty, specifically death in the gas chamber, that sentence was later commuted to life.

April 17, 1986- IBM became the first computer manufacturer to produce and use a megabit-chip. A megabit-chip is a memory chip that can store up to 1 million bits of information.

April 17, 2013- On this date, the New Zealand House of Representatives passed a bill that would later legalize same-sex marriage in New Zealand.

What are your thoughts about these “Throwback” events?

Do any of the above events interest you?  Are there any other events that occurred on this day in history that you would like to share with us?  Leave a comment below!