Weird Laws

Weird Alabama Laws

I've been on a Netflix binge the last few weeks, and my current show of choice is “Hart Of Dixie” starring Rachel Bilson.  Since the show takes place in the fictional town of Bluebell, Alabama, I figured it would be fun to dedicate today’s blog to the weird laws from Alabama.  Plus, for all you other Hart Of Dixie fans out there, wouldn't it be cool to learn about some of Alabama’s strangest laws?  I know I’m excited!  The actual show takes place on the Warner Brothers Studios' lot in Burbank, so maybe next time we can take a look at some of the security restrictions and regulations surrounding the set of “Bluebell.”  What do you think?

It Is Illegal To Wear Blue Jeans Down Noble Street In Anniston, Alabama

Alabama: It is apparently illegal to wear blue jeans down Noble Street in one town in Alabama.  I would have a very tough time living in Anniston, Alabama if this law is in fact true.  I truly hope that Noble Street in Anniston, Alabama is the most sophisticated and elegant street that exists!

It Is Illegal To Flick Boogers Into The Wind

Alabama: I couldn't help but laugh out loud while reading this strange law.  First off, no one should pick their nose while in public.  Don't you agree it is one of the most disgusting things to do in public?  Also, if you decide to go ahead and pick your nose, why would you flick it into the wind anyway?   What happened to using a napkin or tissue?

It Is Illegal To Wear A Fake Mustache In Church

Alabama: Interesting… Do any of you know the history behind this strange law?

It Is Illegal To Wrestle With A Bear In Alabama

Alabama: According to Alabama law, it is against the law for a person to knowingly engage in or be employed at a bear-wrestling match.  If a person breaks this law he or she will be guilty of unlawful bear exploitation.

Even though some of these laws seem illogical and outdated, there must be a sensible explanation for their enactment.

What do you think about these weird laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find strange?