Weird LawsIf you were to google "weird laws in Florida" you would be shocked at all the strange laws out there. It's often difficult to tell which of these laws are true and which are not. Although most of these state laws may have been true at one point in history, I doubt they are still implemented today. For example, according to one Florida law, adultery is illegal, as is cohabitation by unwed couples.  Even though this law is far outdated today, it's probably easier for legislators to keep it on the books rather than to go through the trouble of removing it.  Plus, if they removed it from the books, then we wouldn't have any strange laws to read about and discuss.  These strange laws also give us some perspective into people's morals as well as the way things were run back in the day.

If you want to read about other strange laws from Florida keep scrolling... Enjoy!

It Is Illegal For Cops To Keep More Than One Pint Of Alcohol As Evidence After Breaking Into A Still

Florida: A law in Florida apparently forbids cops to keep more than a pint of booze as evidence after they break into a still.  Shall we do the math? One pint is sixteen ounces, and eight ounces makes one cup.  So, one pint makes about 2 cups.  This means that cops that bust a still can only walk away with two cups of alcohol as evidence. What are your thoughts about this law? 

It Is Illegal To Release More Than Ten Balloons In A 24-Hour Period In Florida

Florida: According to Florida law, in order for a person to legally release more than ten balloons into the air, they must wait for a 24-hour time period  to pass since their last balloon release.  If they are adamant about releasing additional balloons, they must seek permission.

If You Tie Your Elephant To A Parking Meter In Florida, You Must Feed That Parking Meter

Florida: So here is a weird one for you.  Florida makes no exceptions for elephants at parking meters.  If you tie one to a parking meter, you must still feed the meter with money.

What do you think about these weird laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find strange?