It Is Illegal To Warm Up An Unattended Car In Maryland

Maryland: According to Maryland law it is illegal to start a car and leave it unattended while it warms up.  The motor vehicle law states that "a person driving or otherwise in charge of a motor vehicle may not leave it unattended until the engine is stopped, the ignition locked, the key removed, and the brake effectively set."  Breaking this law carries a fine of $70.

It Is Illegal To Use Profane Language On A Playground

Cumberland, Maryland: In Cumberland, Maryland, using any profane or indecent language or behaving in an offensive manner in any public park or playground of the city or upon the sidewalks adjoining any public park or playground is forbidden. I wonder if this law is for the children or the adults?

It Is Illegal To Throw Bales Of Hay From A Second-Story Window Within The City Limits

Baltimore Maryland: These sorts of laws have me cracking up.  Clearly, someone threw a bale of hay from a second-story window at one point or another. The outcome must have not been so good to compel legislators to endorse this law.

It Is Illegal To Take A Lion To The Movies

Baltimore Maryland: ???? Really? Just L.O.L.

What do you think about these weird laws?  Please someone comment on the lion one. I would love to hear thoughts on why that law was even necessary.