Criminal DefenseOh boy, Justin Bieber is at it again. The uber famous, somewhat hot mess pop star went and got himself arrested last night in Miami Beach. Mr. Bieber allegedly was drag racing his rented yellow Lamborghini while under the influence of something and with an expired license. Oh and it gets better! He also got arrested for resisting arrest. Ahh, shall I mention he is only 19? Oh to be young again...

All kidding aside, the above charges are serious and he will need an attorney to help him through the criminal legal process he is about to embark on.

Are You Facing Drunk Driving or Other Criminal Charges?

If you are in the same boat as Justin Bieber is, then you need an attorney immediately. Remember you have the right to remain silent and you should not say anything until you speak with an attorney. Apparently Bieber made statements about drinking, smoking marijuana and perhaps prescription drugs. Those statements may be used against him. Don't make the same mistakes he has made.

Here at LawInfo we strive to supply you with Lead Counsel Rated criminal defense attorneys to help you in many situations, including those Bieber is facing.