Weird LawsEvery Friday at we like to share a new set of weird laws from all around the world. This week, my focus will be on weird laws from around the United States, specifically from Alaska, Florida, and Colorado.  I really enjoyed writing about these weird laws and hope you find them as weird as I do!

It Is Illegal To Tie Your Pet Dog To The Roof Of A Car In Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska: According to the law, it is illegal to transport any animal in the back of a vehicle, unless any of the following steps are taken:

  • The space is enclosed
  • The space has walls to a height of at least 46 inches
  • The animal is secured to the vehicle
  • The animal is protected by a secured cage

The animal must basically be secured in a way in which it is protected from falling or jumping from the vehicle.  What do you think about this law?

It Is Illegal To Corrupt The Public Morals In Florida

Florida: In Florida, it is considered a nuisance to corrupt the public morals.  Okay? According to the law, it is illegal to annoy the community, injure the health of the citizens, or corrupt the public morals because they are considered nuisances.  If one violates this law they will be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Establishments Which Sell Alcohol In Arvada, Colorado Must Maintain A Certain Level Of Lighting In The Premises

Arvada, Colorado: According to Arvada’s lighting laws, establishments which sell alcohol are “required to maintain a level of light within the licensed premises which would permit the checking of identification materials without resort to other lighting.”

What do you think about these weird laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find strange?