Jail cellCrying Babies On Flights: What Can You Do!?

How many of you guys have flown in an airplane while listening to a baby cry and yell for hours during the entire flight?  I know I have! I think the bad part about crying babies on planes is that you can’t really go anywhere to escape the noise.  You kind of just sit there hoping that either you or the baby will fall asleep soon.  After all, it’s not the cute little baby's fault.  Babies will be babies, right?

Man Slaps Toddler in Face During Flight From Minneapolis to Atlanta

A man on board a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta didn't know his limits when he encountered a crying toddler on an airplane.  Instead of doing what most of us would do (yes, ignoring the baby until he or she is too tired to cry and yell any more), Joe Rickey Hundley slapped the crying 19-month-old toddler in the face and even used a racial slur against him.  Now, I surely understand that a crying baby can be quite annoying, but what Hundley did was uncalled for.

Was the Toddler Slapping Incident a Result of Alcoholism?

According to the child's mother, “Hundley was belligerent and seemed intoxicated during the flight.”  Hundley's attorney claims that his behavior was a result of alcoholism because that was the day Hundley had “flown to Atlanta to remove his dying son from life support after an insulin overdose.”  According to Hundley's attorney, Hundley was “emotionally distraught.”  Hundley pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and the judge overseeing his case gave him an eight-month prison sentence.  Hundley was also fired from his job.  Do you think an eight-month prison sentence is a harsh enough punishment for his conduct? Or was it too strict of a punishment?

Anger management classes, therapy, and some earplugs might be some good options for Hundley once he gets out of jail.

What have you done when you encountered a crying toddler on a plane?