Did Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Jovan Belcher, Commit Murder Because of His Alleged Undiagnosed Concussions?

In spite of the $765 million NFL concussion settlement that was reached in August, it seems like the NFL and its individual teams have more to be worried about.  In 2012, former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Jovan Belcher, murdered his girlfriend and also killed himself.  Now, his mother, Cheryl Shepherd, has brought a lawsuit against the Kansas City Chiefs alleging that the team overlooked the several concussions endured by her son and that his killings were a result of his undiagnosed brain injuries.  She alleges that “Mr. Belcher's murder-suicide on Dec. 1, 2012, in which he killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide in front of team officials in the parking lot of the Chiefs' training facility, was the result of brain trauma undiagnosed by the team.”

Is There a Link Between Belcher’s Syndrome and Killings?

Belcher’s family needs to show a link between Belcher’s syndrome caused by the concussions and his killings and according to a source, a lot needs to be shown in order to prove that “the Chiefs were accomplices in ignoring some of Belcher’s alleged concussions or ignoring their responsibilities to his well being.”  The family has to prove that Belcher “suffered from a syndrome as a result of concussions,” and also “show a direct link between the syndrome … and his conduct.”

What are your thoughts about this lawsuit? Do you think Belcher’s mother will prevail?

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