Banned e-cigs

E-cigarette Ban in Public Places

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has signed a new legislation that bans smoking e-cigarettes in public places.  According to a source, the new bill “lumps e-cigarettes into the Smoke Free Air Act, meaning the devices are banned everywhere smoking is banned.”

What Are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes, also known as electronic cigarettes, are electronic vaping devices generally used by smokers as an alternative to smoking tobacco.  Instead of using tobacco, the e-cig contains liquid nicotine that is vaporized and then emitted. To date, the benefits and risks associated with using e-cigs are unknown. This new system may or may not be a safer alternative to smoking real cigarettes.  Either way, electronic cigarettes provide an outlet for smokers to smoke at places where they are usually banned from lighting up, such as bars and restaurants. This will just not be the case for New York City.

Mayor Bloomberg Signs Several New Pieces of Legislation into Law

The E-cigarette ban was not the only law signed by Mayor Bloomberg during his final day in office.  Other bills signed into law by Mayor Bloomberg include the following:

  • New laws that will require an annual report on poverty in the city
  • A new database built to track money spent on Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts
  • New measures that will bolster emergency preparedness
  • New measures that will reduce toxic emissions from vehicles that deliver trade waste

Proponents of the ban would rather ban electronic cigarettes now, even when there are no known health hazards associated with them, rather than wait a few more years for signs of its negative consequences to arise.  Plus, smokers may get very comfortable smoking the electronic cigarettes in a few years, and banning them then may prove problematic.  I agree with the proponents of the ban.

What do you think about this new ban?  Do you think that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes containing tobacco?