Shocking NewsDo any of you watch The Tonight Show with Jay leno?  Do you know that one segment called "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda”?  Well in a recent segment Jay Leno and three other guest comedians allegedly made “sickening, outrageous and disgusting attacks” on Louann Giambattista, a former American Airlines flight attendant, after discussing a lawsuit filed by Giambattista against American Airlines.  Her lawsuit against the airline alleged that the airline discriminated against her after co-workers falsely accused her of  “using her underwear and pantyhose to carry pet rats aboard airplanes.”

Thereafter, the comedians allegedly accused her of "engaging in bestiality and sexual misconduct with a rat."  These jokes did not sit well with Giambattista and so she has taken action against Jay Leno and the three comedians.  Her lawsuit alleges that she was defamed.

So, what is defamation? The two major types of defamation include libel and slander. Libel occurs when someone writes defamatory statements about another, whereas slander occurs when someone speaks defamatory statements about another.

Comedians On The "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” Segment Allegedly Accused the Flight Attendant of Bestiality and Sexual Misconduct With a Rat…

The following jokes were made by the three guest comedians on The Tonight Show:

  • “If I were one of those rats, I would be really upset. I prefer not to sit in cooch.”
  • “A filthy rodent like a rat does not belong on an airplane. She could have used what the rest of us ladies use -- a rabbit.”
  • “I don't understand this one at all. If she wanted something that creepy-looking in her underwear she should have hooked up with me.”

What are your thoughts about this lawsuit?  Do you think the comedians crossed the line?