Throwback ThursdayDon’t you all love Thursdays? I know I do!  It is so fun to reminisce about interesting events that took place on the exact date as today but many years back.  So today, let’s “throwback” to November 14 and discuss the fascinating events that took place on this day in history. Below are some of the interesting events that took place on November 14 throughout history.  Enjoy!

The United States Federal Government Shut Down On November 14, 1995

November 14,1995: The events that took place on November 14, 1995 may not seem all too foreign to the readers of this blog.  On this day in history, the United States government experienced another government shutdown.  The reason for the shutdown of 1995 was because of disagreements between the Democrats and the Republicans in terms of the federal budget that would be used to fund Medicare, education, and public health.  This shutdown occurred during Bill Clinton’s presidency and the government was shutdown for 27 days.  Déjà vu anyone?

Other Significant “ThrowBack Thursday” Events

November 14, 1888- The University of Southern California (USC) played their first football game on this date.  Before being called the Trojans, the USC football team went by the name of USC "Methodists."

November 14, 1908- Albert Einstein offered his quantum theory of light.

November 14, 1935- On this date, Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the Philippine Islands a free commonwealth as a means to set up the country for independence.  After 10 years as a Commonwealth government, the Philippines became an independent Republic.

November 14, 1957- 58 major Mafia figures were arrested outside Binghamton, New York on this date.  Close to a hundred mafia bosses and their affiliates met at the home of mobster Joseph "Joe the Barber" Barbara to discuss several of their illegal operations.  A local law enforcement agent became suspicious about the happenings at this house after a mobster was stopped by police on his way to the same house the previous year. Local law enforcement agents placed the house under surveillance and were able to apprehend a large number of Mafiosi members on this date. Included in the group that was arrested are Genovese, Carlo Gambino, Joseph Profaci and Joseph Bonanno.  The Apalachin Meeting outside Binghamton, New York is raided by law enforcement, and many high level Mafia figures are arrested.  These meetings are referred to as the Apalachin Meetings.

November 14, 1960- On this day, four girls entered the all-white William Frantz Elementary in New Orleans.  Riots ensued after this school integration.

November 14, 1968- On this day, several campuses and cities observed the “National Turn in Your Draft Card Day" by rallying and protesting on college campuses as well as burning their draft cards.

November 14, 1986- The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) imposed a $100 million penalty against Ivan Boesky, who was involved in Wall Street’s insider trading scandal.

What are your thoughts regarding these “Throwback” events?

Do any of the above events interest you? Are there and “Throwback” events you find fascinating and would like to share with us?