Bed BugsThere are many drawbacks to renting an apartment unit.  Some of these include noisy tenants, landlords who break into your unit, unclean living conditions, rent increases, broken appliances, and now bed bugs!

The 21 tenants who live in the 48-unit Rosemont Apartments filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the owners of the apartment building.  In the lawsuit, the tenants allege not only that the heating system, wiring and plumbing are defective, but also that “the building is infested with bedbugs, roaches and rodents.”

The plaintiffs are demanding monetary damages.  They want the bedbugs gone immediately and for good!

I surely don’t blame them.  What some of these tenants have gone through is truly disgusting.  One tenant, 51-year-old Carmen LaRosa, had to replace her mattress and couches three times in hopes of getting rid of these bedbugs, but that didn’t help.  After a week, the bugs came back.  The victims of bedbug bites who reside in the apartment building in the Monument area of San Francisco have been getting some help from “Tenants Together,” a statewide renters' rights organization.

Who Bears the Burden of Getting Rid of Bedbugs, Landlords or Tenants?

According to a source, Tenants Together believes that “landlords are responsible for handling bedbugs.”  Further, San Francisco has a bedbug ordinance that tries to “apportion the responsibility to landlords, tenants and pest control."  The bigger issue in this bedbug case seems to come from deciding whether the city or the county is responsible for forcing the landlord to deal with the bed bug situation.

What Are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are very small insects that live in furniture, and mattresses, and also in cracks and crevices.  They usually do their biting at nighttime.  The bite of a bedbug can make the victim itch for days and days.  The bite may also leave red swellings.

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever been bit by a bedbug?

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